Thursday, April 30, 2009

2007: The International School of Art, Business, and Technology in Ghana


In the Spring of 2007, Jonathan Thurston, Trudy Obazee, Sarah Philbrick, and Rex Otu, inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of the students and teachers of Ghana and bound together with a dedication towards building global educational bridges, founded the educational Non-Profit organization titled;

“The International School of Art, Business, and Technology in Ghana” in the United States, and non-governmental organization status in Ghana under the same name.

During this year, Professor Thurston and Professor Obazee both received research grants to study the Ghanaian educational system in relation to the American systems titled;

Albright College Research Experience Grant: “Improving the Education of African Students through the study of technology and its usage in education.”


Albright College Professional Development Grant: “Comparing the American Educational System to the Ghanaian Education System in regards to Primary and Junior Secondary School”

The research involved traveling to Ghana and interviewing both teachers and students at three schools in Ghana; Brenu JSS, Elmina Methodist JSS, and Teshi-5 SS.

Part of our summer work also involved bringing donations of books, school materials, calculators, and writing supplies to each school.

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