Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009: The International School of Art, Business, and Technology in Ghana

2009 is shaping into a fine year with several promising projects in the works.

Global Goodness
I.S.A.B.T. has entered into Sponsorship Agreement with Global Goodness to help them bring 8000 books to Ghana. Expected delivery date July 2009.

Making Books In Ghana
Professor Thurston has a summer course scheduled with Bloomfield College, “Making Books in Ghana.” this coming July. Bloomfield students, with special guests, will travel to Ghana to help Ghanaian students make their own books, and train teachers in the use of the book making technology so the project can continue on in the schools. We hope to eventually partner them with schools here in the U.S.

I.S.A.B.T. in Tanzania
Professor Thurston will be traveling to Tanzania this August for the International Reading Association's Pan African Conference. Teamed with several other educators who use RealeBooks, they will be presenting the bookmaking project and RealeBooks to African Educators from all over the continent.