Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The International School of Art, Business, and Technology in Ghana

It is our belief that amazing things can happen when different cultures intersect and collaborate.

The International School of Art, Business, and Technology in Ghana will provide students and teachers, both African and Western, with training in art, education, business, and technology, which in turn will be used for the betterment of their community and ours.

We are an Institution of learning where there is a cultural exchange, a freedom of thinking, and a collaboration of cultures, creative ideas, business strategies, and instruction in new technology, that brings passionate people from different backgrounds together with a mission to share, work together, and develop educational and service oriented programs for the betterment of financially disadvantaged communities that can positively shape the future of our world.

We intend to implement several programs to fulfill our goal.

1. Create an educational exchange program that will bring teachers and students to West Africa to share their knowledge will local communities. This exchange program, working with American Colleges and local Ghanaian schools, will bring teachers and students to West Africa so that they can provide educational support to local public schools, work with Ghanaian teachers, and create strategies for families that cannot afford to send their children to school.

2 Manage an artist residency program where American artists will live, work and conduct research in Ghana. Artists will be paired with Ghanaian craftsman to create collaborative artworks and projects. Special emphasis will be placed on creative community based projects.

3. Develop programs working with local schools and student groups to assist them with obtaining resources, developing curriculum, and providing scholarships to students without financial support.