Monday, August 5, 2013

Power of Writing

We have a lot to report from this summer's projects! While the updates are being drafted on the donation to schools in Ho, our new Pencil drive, and the summer writing workshop I wanted to share a short story that highlights the importance of programs like Book Club International to students in Africa. The following message is from Sue Gonzalez our volunteer who ran programs in Ghana this summer:

“I am trying to sponsor a girl who was in the book club two years ago and wrote the teen pregnancy story last year. We got to see the director of education. He told Portia that she wasn't smart enough, determined enough or had the scores to attend school. We both pleaded with him that her headmaster never gave her an application!

I told the director how she was a wonderful writer and participated in the book club for the past few years. He told her that it was too late and the time has passed. Finally, another guy came and said that if I paid 5 Cedes ($3) I could get an application. We got the application! As we walked out, I asked Portia what she wanted to study in University. She told me that she wanted to become a storywriter, a journalist. That's the power of the book club project!!!”

Imagine if you were told you were too stupid to attend high school. Imagine if you were not allowed to go to school based on some old man’s opinion. Our programs are geared to help just such students. We believe every child has the right to an education, not just the privileged or high score students.