Thursday, April 29, 2010

Letter from Teshie LEKMA 3 & 4 J.H.S

Teshie LEKMA 3 & 4 J.H.S.
P.O. Box TS 19
Teshie, Ghana

27th April, 2010


The Headmistress, the Teachers and the entire membership of the Reading Club wish to render their sincere gratitude for the reading books sent to the Reading Club of the above school. We are very grateful because, this is going  to enrich our knowledge base. We are also grateful for this kind gestures and we hope, this close partnership with the TESHIE LEKMA 3 & 4 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL will continue.

Once more, we say thank you and may God Richly Bless you and replenish all expenses incurred in the course of this project.

Yours sincerely,

Felix Yao Adjavor
The Founding Patron

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jonathan Thurston's Photographs from Kibera, Kenya.

Kids in Kibera want to learn, it is a place that is just exploding with energy. I remember the strength and determination of the residents and the passion of all of the laughing, smiling, children. Please enjoy the images of joy and intensity I was able to capture during a recent visit to help students in Nairobi author their own books.
-Jonathan Thurston

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I.S.A.B.T. Supports LEKMA Schools in Teshie, Accra

I.S.A.B.T. is broadening our horizons and expanding our programs in Ghana. We are now working with the LEKMA southern cluster of schools in Accra. They have stared a new student book club and plan to begin publishing books on campus very soon.

We were happy to donate a shipment of books from the United States to help support the founding of their new book club.