Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 New Books in from Jukwa, Ghana

Five new stories from "The Best Part of My Life" series have come in from the summer project Book Club volunteer Sue Gonzalez ran in Jukwa, Ghana. They are poignant and insightful. Here is a quote from Hagar Nyarkoh's story;

"The best part of my family is my mother who is called Sister Naana.  My mother is dark in complexion and has long, black hair on her head. We always call her Dark Mama.  My mother is short and she sells frying fish in the market every night.

The reason why I like my mum is that she takes care of me and provides my needs when my father refused to do so. She tells me Ananse stories and everytime she advises me, she always says, "A word to the wise is enough!" I like my mum because she helps me to do my house work, homework and prepare my meals.

The food my mother likes best is FuFu and Groundnut soup. My mother is very smart and very kind to everyone. That is why my mother is the best part of my family!"

You can read the stories from Jukwa here;

and read more about "The Best Part of My Life" project here;